Project Feasibilities

Keeping timelines in clinical studies is always critical. An effective feasibility and an excellent site selection process are therefore crucial. Carrying out high quality feasibility reviews and study site selections for large clinical trials are extremely time and cost intensive. For multicentre studies around 3-4 hours per study site need to be spent to receive reliable feasibility data. 

This is why GCP-Service has come up with a much more effective site selection and feasibility tool that significantly reduces manpower, time and costs for this essential start-up phase. GCP-Service can help you to streamline the process of conducting reliable feasibilities.

The system includes a reminder function to ensure that investigators do not forget the questionnaire. The questionnaire which can be adapted according to the sponsor and project needs contain all kinds of answer options and smart functions like hidden questions, sub- questions and several edit checks.  Required information cannot be forgotten anymore as the questionnaire reviews the entered data automatically, similarly to how an electronic CRF reviews its data inputs. The manual checks carried out by expensive project teams are no longer needed!

The project teams receive clean data, without any errors or gaps. No intensive follow-up on inaccurate completed questionnaires is needed any longer. Data feeds directly into the database and can be analyzed automatically. Adjustments between estimated recruitment numbers and recruitment numbers based on the experience of the sponsor can also be made automatically in order to continuously calculate as to whether the predicted number of study sites match with the number of predicted number of study subjects and whether the predicted timelines are realistic.

The time and cost saving potential is obvious!  Where simple quality checks were previously done manually by highly qualified persons, these can be replaced by automatic checks that are now carried out by software. In addition to those the direct cost savings achieved. Your study can also start much quicker, using considerably more robust feasibility data; as a result you will achieve much better compliance with your own timelines.

If you are interested please watch our image movie about Pi-Select!

If you are interested to receive an example of an electronic feasibility questionnaire please contact us by email (info@gcp-service.com).