Welcome to GCP-Service International

With the national headquarters in Bremen (Germany) and Eeklo (Belgium), GCP-Service is a 100% privately owned full-service CRO. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has grown to a size that enables it to deliver all required services, while maintaining high flexibility and minimising overhead costs. This provides GCP-Service with the scope to conduct a wide variety of clinical studies, meeting the individual and specific needs of our clients.

A repeat business rate of 100% demonstrates the extremely high satisfaction level GCP-Service clients have. We remain focused on the delivery of quality clinical research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. GCP-Service enjoys a wide spread of business, with no individual client contributing more than 30% of our turnover.

Our People and Partners

The efforts and energy GCP-Service has invested in employees and partners to achieve the excellent quality which characterises the services we offer is reflected in the commitment and loyalty of our employees and partners.

More than 80% of the GCP-Service team have an academic education which, together with intensive ongoing training, accumulating experience, and a unique internal incentive system, make the complete GCP-Service team a reliable and highly motivated service provider. Integrating the support of reliable strategic partnerships with individuals and companies implementing similar quality policies, GCP-Service is in a position to provide high standards of services throughout Europe and the USA.